Tech and digital, what will be the most interesting trends of 2018?


Tech e digital, the most interesting trends of 2018. Since they are all good at making rankings on the past, we try to predict the future.

Tech e digital, What will be the most interesting trends of 2018? Good question, you will say. Every year between December and January everyone plays to make the ranking on what went well and what did not in the previous twelve months, we did it too.

If, however, it is easy to make a report, it is much more difficult to make predictions about what will happen.

Above all in an area such as technology that, in recent years, has accustomed us to a continuous series of revolutions.

After all, if innovation were predictable, innovation would no longer be called this way…

So let’s see together which will be the most interesting trends of the next 12 months in the world of tech and digital.

Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Let’s start from’Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Yes, we decided to put them together.

First of all because we are convinced that they will be two of the areas of greatest development and on which huge investments will be concentrated in the coming months, and then because these two elements will be reused as an integral part of many technologies:

  • Smart applications
  • Conversational systems (chatbot)
  • IOT (Internet of Things)

Big Data and AI will therefore be, real structural elements of innovation, factors that will give an enormous boost to technologies that maybe we already know and use, but thanks to these two apparently disconnected components could open up new scenarios.

Think only about the war that is unleashing on the “voice” (and on the related digital assistants), one of the most valuable assets in the coming years and on which all the big players are at work, with Amazon for now in clear advantage thanks to the second Echo generation.

It is clear that this area can grow and develop only if Artificial Intelligence and the study and use of Big Data are growing and developing.

Digital Twins e IOT

Also directly connected with AI and Big Data then we have Digital Twins. Digital Twins are the perfect copy of a manufacturing product or a process.

These copies, however, are alive and can interact each other only in the digital world..

So far, this type of digital projection has been used above all in the field of prototyping or to control the functionality of the processes, so as to obtain data and actuators.

If we move this concept into the world of immersive reality we can create a digital transposition of ourself physically, a real digital twin that will allow us to model the analysis and to improve our experiences and knowledge.

The Digital Twins could therefore emerge from the strictly manufacturing IOT phase in which they have been locked up so far (and in which they will grow excessively for use and importance in the coming months), to take new implications and new usages if directly connected to people (yes, this thing is little bit Matrix, and maybe it’s a bit’ too far to happen right in 2018 …).

Between immersive reality and blockchain

No doubts the growth of all immersive experiences will continue and, consequently, everything related to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Games and entertainment aside we will also have more and more fields affected by these phenomena: from medicine to teaching, from industry to sport.

Finally, it is impossibile for us not to mention the Blockchain which, much more than the cryptocurrencies that are simply a product of it, it will be the protagonist of an epochal revolution.

In fact, the Blockchain is a mechanism destined to radically change finance and, more generally, the flow of information.

It is too early to understand what the actual uses of the Blockchain will be, but it is very likely that things will accelerate a lot already from the next few months.