In New York to meet partners, companies and investors for 2018


Heads of Eggon left for New York today: a busy week with lots of meetings to plan an international 2018.

Begins today an intense business trip to New York for the four Eggon founding partners. For a week Gianmarco, Patrick, Gianpaolo e Fulvio will meet partners, companies and investors to plan the commercial and development strategies for the 2018.

A 2018 that will be featured by an ever-increasing openness to international markets for our team.

After all, the Big Apple is like the second home for Eggon: in fact in New York born Qwikword, the social network designed and founded by Gianmarco, Fulvio and Gianpaolo. On their return to Italy they then gave birth to Eggon together with Patrick.

Meetings with partners and investors

For our team back to New York also means to see again Alan D’Ambrosio, one of the most important lawyers of the US metropolis and historical partner of Eggon.

The important experience of D’Ambrosio in the commercial relationships between European, Asian and American companies is one of the starting points for planning future commercial developments of Eggon, which today looks forward with increasing attention to international markets.

During the week, the members of Eggon among the many appointments, will also be guests on the NYSE floor at Wall Street. An important opportunity to interact with world-class investors.

Business and innovation on the East Coast

The choice to focus on the East Coast may seem to be in contrast with the great contemporary narration that sees Silicon Valley as the paradise for startups and innovation.

However we are convinced that, even if California remains a point of reference for the sector, the “startup” model, as we have known so far, is now finished. Today we are entering in a new, much more structured phase, which is why we are focusing on New York, a city that is the ideal trait-union between Europe and the United States, mine of opportunities to collect.

In fact, for Eggon, 2018 will be a fundamental year of development and consolidation. We aim to promote and sell in international markets (with an eye to the American market) Advocatively, our platform dedicated to employing advocacy. But even our projects related to Digital Health and the development of Virtual Reality have already found excellent results.

The objective for the next twelve months is undoubtedly to be able to consolidate an independent commercial presence overseas.