Lost in the Dungeon: Road to Lucca’s Comics & Games 2017


Also this year we will be at Lucca’s Comics & Games, the most important European festival dedicated to cultural entertainment. We are waiting for you to play Lost in the Dungeon.

Lucca’s Comics & Games 2017 will be the last event of a series of events that has seen us getting around continuously over the last few months: Svilupparty at BolognaMilan Games Week, Sugarcon17, Smau Milano and, indeed, Lucca’s Comics & Games 2017.

In Lucca we will present the final version of Lost in the Dungeon in our stand inside the Games section GamesCarducci’s Pavilion (Svilupparty area).

Lost in the Dungeon

Lost in the Dungeon was born from the idea of ​​creating an innovative role-playing game, a videogame able to merge a strong strategic component with an intuitive game experience, all based on a dynamic system of collectible cards.

Players must go inside dungeons full of obstacles and dangers, hunting for hidden treasures in the deepest darkness. Thanks to an original combat system, simple and intuitive, the player is able immediately to immerse himself in the adventure and full of action.

As already said compared tothe preview presented at Milan Games Week in Lucca you will have the opportunity to play with the complete game.

Road to Lucca’s Comics #1

Going to Lucca’s Comics & Games 2017 we will present in the coming days the story of the work done in recent months, a sort of DevLog to get better prepared for the most eagerly awaited appointment from all over Italy.
First of all we introduce you tothe team that has worked in recent months in developing Lost in the Dungeon:

  • Riccardo (Game Creator)
  • Nicholas (Lead Design)
  • Irene (Technical Artist)
  • Cristiano, Alvise e Luca (Developers)
  • Riccardo e Giovanni (Illustrators)
  • Federico (O.s.t/Sound FX)

Let’s start with the chapter zero of our#RoadToLucca, starting from the work done in June 2017:before starting the project Lost in the Dungeon, in fact, we thought about the favorite phrase by Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith dell’A-team: “I love the successful plans”.

Five words that reminded us how important is to draw up a clear and precise work plan before starting work.

So we used  20.160 minutes (because writing 2 weeks was trivial) to design all the steps necessary to complete our mission.

  • Step 1

Design analysis of the game with consequent division of the elements that compose it in order to determine the time of each task.

  • Step 2

GDD creation.

  • Step 3

Creating the time-line for every member of the team using the Gantt chart.

  • Step 4

Meetings with the leaders to define the deadlines of the project.

  • Step 5

Tasks distribution based on team members.

  • Step 6

Tasks formalization by including them in the Jira project panel.

  • Step 7

Creation of the basic structure of the game on Unity 3D.

  • Step 8

Creation of conventions system.

  • Step 9

Creation of the manager system.

  • Step 10

Sharing Know How with the rest of the team. 

  • Step 11

Analysis of the problems encountered in the development of another project (Diamonst) to define the necessary tasks not calculated in the Gantt chart (ie: managing the aspect ratio based on the devices used).

to be continued…