Appgrade your job

“We believe in teamwork, the only weak links is one which isn’t part of the chain.”


Our name is Eggon, one word but two meanings: we continue to research and to pay attention to details.

We are an international superhero team, experienced in realising and managing complex projects.

We are looking for people who love this craft everyday as it was the first one. We want people who galvanize themselves in the face of challenges, which for everyone else would be impossible but for us they are just daily bread.


If you’re brilliant like Iron Man, determined as Batman, ironically as Deadpool and if you have the heart of Green Lantern, BRAVO, you are our ideal candidate

We are looking for superheroes:

  • Capable of working in team and not being scared of big challenges,
  • Who are able to entertain the Queen Elizabeth during a tea time conversation,
  • Who know no other limit than the boundaries of the universe,
  • Who do not avoid confrontation and criticism when they are constructive,
  • Who are more like Holmes than Watson when it’s time to find solutions.

What we offer:

Since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 slavery is definitively abolished in all its forms. According to that we are used to offer the candidate a compliant and pertinent contract with the current century and a number of interesting benefits:

  • Galvanizing challenges,
  • Casual nerd outfit,
  • An Informal and air-conditioned environment,
  • Participation in conferences, events, online courses, training courses offered by our generous philanthropy,
  • An open bar 7/23 with water and coffee and 23/7 with beer and chips,
  • An open restaurant (during the lunch break) to appease hunger,
  • A transcendental, transversal, multifaceted and meticulous team that has just purchased an Italian dictionary (online).

You also need to know:

Our job offer does not include boredom and depression caused by repetitive or trivial projects. We work on issues like VR, Wearable, IoT (Internet of Thing), iBeacon, machine learning, computer vision and everything a fervid imagination of a nerd can dream of.

Last but not least:

If after a hard day of coding you aren’t tired of us, you can enjoy our company at some dinner and many happy hours.