DIAMONST, the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter starts


DIAMONST, the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the Augmented Reality RPG by Zenko Games was launched, in collaboration with the Eggon team.

Officially today, Wednesday 27 September, the crowdfunding campaign on Kicstarter for DIAMONST – Augmented Reality RPG of Zenko Games developed in collaboration with our team.

In the meantime we announce that it is already possible to download a first demo of the game on Google Play for all Android users, soon the Apple App Store version will be available for all iOS users.

The Kickstarter campaign

The crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter officially starts today so that the game can become reality and develop all itsenormous potential.. DIAMONST is a game in Augmented Reality with a clear goal in mind: to make the user experience an exeperience of immersive and immersive game in the real world.

Unlike other Augmented Reality games currently on the market, DIAMONST s a story-driven experience with a single player campaign that will be set in the real world, with a classic turn-based gameplay designed for competitive and strategic multiplayer duels.

As in traditional RPGs, during the story it will be possible to meet NPCs, human characters, to talk to, to receive quest and missions and, obviously, there will be the villains of the story to be defeated in duels in Augmented Reality.

DIAMONST belongs to the “catch” genre and during the adventure it will be possible to capture more than 100 different creatures to train and evolve to form the best team to face the story or the multiplayer duels both online and face-to-face.

DIAMONST, the strengths

DIAMONST – Augmented Reality RPG is based on three pillars::

  • A single player campaing
  • A strategic and competitive gameplay
  • A virtual pet mode called DIAMONST care

The storytelling of the game is inspired by three great stories: Dragonball, The Myths of Cthulhu and Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac. At the beginning of the game a storm of meteor hits our globe, bringing on our planet a series of unknown monsters locked inside crystals similar in all and for all to diamonds. The player then comes into contact with a professor who has studied these mysterious crystals for life: the professor is looking for someone that could help him in his research, for this help he will offers the player a DIAMONST.

From here on, the story evolves, comes alive and introduces the player into an incredible adventure. To find out all the details of DIAMONST and its technical peculiarities we refer you to the page on Kickstarter, where you could also discover all the rewards for those who will participate in the campaign.

If you want to meet our staff live and learn more, we are waiting for you at the MILAN GAMES WEEK, we will be in the Indie area (Hall 8).

Do you want to enjoy yourself experiencing a crazy adventure with augmented reality? DIAMONST is the game for you, participated in crowdfunding and … have fun!